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Applications for the 2016-2018 London Training course are now CLOSED. Applications will open for the next course in November 2016.

PLEASE DO NOT phone or email the British Guild of Tourist Guides with training related questions. Training information is provided on these web pages, but if you require more information, please email

Blue Badge Guides are trained under the auspices of The Institute of Tourist Guiding, which accredits training courses throughout England. Most training courses for guides last for at least two academic terms and some, e.g. London, last for nearly two years.

A wide spectrum of academic, specialist and practical training is provided, as well as a core curriculum of the history, architecture and social development of the country.

Originating in London, the Blue Badge guiding qualification was first awarded by regional Tourist Boards so that every guide would have the same background of national core knowledge combined with in-depth local knowledge. The Blue Badge is now the responsibility of the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

As well as acquiring knowledge, Blue Badge Guides are trained in the selection and presentation of their material. This process has been so successful that English trainers have trained guides all over the world, and the Blue Badge is recognised internationally as a benchmark of excellence. Please read the FAQ's for more information.

London Training Course
In London the programme lasts for approximately two years. Applications for the 2016-18 course are now closed.

Regional Training Courses
For more information on training courses outside London, please contact the Institute of Tourist Guiding. Tel: 020 7953 8397, E:

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