Tania Noddings

Tania Noddings

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South East England



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07414 681197




I'm based in Brighton and Hove and enjoy exploring Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

I've lived in this corner of South East England all my life and feel privileged to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for it with you.

Personal Interests:

I'm particularly interested in history and social history, and how events of the past are reflected in our contemporary lives, environment, architecture and art.
I also offer specialist walking tours in Brighton and Hove, and surrounding areas, including: (please see below)

Special Interests:

Walking Tours

From Brunswick to the 'Burbs

Walking tour of Hove.

Meet the neighbours; step over the boundary from Brighton into Hove and take a walk through from Brunswick to the 'burbs.

Come and discover how a single track village with a dubious reputation developed into the eclectic and distinguished place we know today. And it wasn't without the occasional scandal along the way...

Most of all, find out how Hove got its name, actually!

Walking Tours

Mobster, Mutiny and Military Mettle

Walking tour of Hove's Old Cemetery.

We visit perhaps the most mendacious grave in the cemetery, that of a notorious London mobster who relocated to Brighton and Hove in the inter-war years.

During our walk, we explore both the Indian Mutiny and the Crimean War and we hear about a local man's involvement in the Charge of the Light Brigade!

An absorbing and fascinating place to visit; the cemetery reflects the Victorian death culture and the social importance of significant family memorials and is the last resting place of some prominent Hove residents.

Walking Tours

Bombs, Battlefields and Bravery Remembered

A walking tour through Hove and finishing across the boundary into Brighton.

We hear both about the Brighton Blitz, inflicted by the Luftwaffe during WW2, and about the most audacious attack on British democracy since the gunpowder plot well over 300 years earlier; the Brighton Bombing.

We reflect on the enormous contribution made by local residents during various conflicts or struggles. We visit sites of remembrance and hear about exceptional personal endeavours; their contemporary importance and impact on our lives today.

Walking Tours

Special Agent, Suffragettes and Standard-bearers

A walking tour through the Montpelier and Clifton Hill area of Brighton.

We will meet some of the remarkable women from Brighton's past who have helped to shape our lives today.

We meet a true war hero: an agent with Britain's Special Operations Executive who operated clandestinely in German-occupied France during WW2.

During our walk we are introduced to members of the suffragette movement and explore their campaign and activities. We also meet some pioneering women, standard-bearers in their chosen fields.

Walking Tours

Steyning; home to Saxons and their Saint

A walking tour through the picturesque town of Steyning.

Founded by the Saxon saint, St. Cuthman, Steyning was once an economic powerhouse of the early Middle Ages. We hear about the town's significance and what role it played in William the Conqueror's decision to invade England in 1066!

We enjoy the historic buildings in the town and hear how this once harbour town's fortunes changed with the silting up of the River Adur, as it was left high and dry!

Walking Tours

Bramber; Kings and the Castle

A walking tour through the historic village of Bramber.

We explore the remains of the Norman castle, built following their conquest of England in 1066, and its strategic importance in securing Norman dominance of the area.

We also hear about the final significant role the castle played in English history; the altercation between the Roundheads and Royalist troops during the Civil War which preceded the escape of King Charles II through Bramber to France.

A guided tour of Bramber really is a guided tour through a thousand years of English history!


Windsor Castle

Additional Qualifications:

BA (Hons) Politics (University of Kent)

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