Sonja Haines Von Scanzoni

Sonja Haines Von Scanzoni

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English, German

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01344-885315, 07840 -541956



Born in Munich/ Germany. I lived & worked in different European countries. Between 1963 and 1975 worked as Tour Manager/Lecturer taking American groups all over the world. 1969 I married a British Barrister and moved to UK. We have a son/cardilologist in USA and a daughter married in Germany with 2 children 1977 I became a Blue Badge Guide - it was the BEST THING I ever did in my life. I love this job even after so many years! I enjoy specialised tours covering specific regions in more detail. For many years I have been planning & preparing unusual itineraries for my own private clients but also helped - mainly german - agents to put together special interest programs. I love showing my 'guests' our beautiful country by introducing them to people such as: Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling T.E. Lawrence/Lawrence of Arabia, Members of the Bloomsbury Group such as Virginia Woolf, Beatrice Potter & her stories of Peter Rabbit, James Herriot/'All Creatures Great & Small' not to forget Rosamunde Pilcher. Musicians like V. Williams, H. Purcell and E. Elgar but also show our great Monastic Buildings and Cathedrals as well as unknown Parish Churches, tiny villages and visiting historic Pubs to eat, and meet some of the 'Locals'. I have taken many of my groups to Male Choir Rehearsals in Wales & Cornwall, Special private Concerts in Historic House in Kent, as well as to Proms Concerts (Hyde Park and Kenwood House including organisation of picnics for my group) Among my favourite groups are farmers and garden lovers. I am very much in favour of having a Monarchy in Britain and I like talking and discussing our "ROYALS". I would love to do more guiding in London & day tours i.e. Oxford & Stratford, Cotswolds etc. What do clients say about me? "We discovered a new London with our guide Sonja! She took us to places we never knew existed. She introduced us to people we would never have met without her. She even took us to her own home to make us feel welcome in 'Her Country".

" Immer wieder haben wir bewundert, aus welchem immensen Fundus historischen, kunstgeschichtlichen & literarischen Wissens sie sch�pfen konnte wenn sie Pers�nlichkeiten, Ereignisse, Epochen , Landschaften, Kirchen, Literatur weit und breit �ber Grossbrittanien hinausreichende Zusammenh�nge deutlich gemacht hat. Es ist ihr von Anfang an gelungen alle Teilnehmer zum Mit-und Nachdenken anzuregen und die Kommunikation zu f�rdern. Sie gewann die Sympathien aller Teilnehmer durch ihre stetige Hilfsbereitschaft und menschliche Zuwendung. Wir sind dankbar f�r die Begegnung mit Sonja!" VHS Harburg/Germany

Personal Interests:

Proms Concerts, Pageantry, Royals, Royal Palaces
St. Paul's, Westminster Abbey, unusual churches
Nat.Gallery & Portrait,Tate Britain, Brit. Museum
Georgian/Hs. of Hanover 300 yrs.
Shakespeare's & Dickens
Inns of Court/Legal London

Special Interests:

London Areas in Depth

Part coach-part walking. Georgian Hs. of Hanover, Ch. Dickens, Shakespeare/Elisabethan LondonSouthwark. City of London/Financial District/City Churches and Markets. LEGAL Profession: Law Courts, Inns of Court a i.e. Lincolns Inn, Middle Temple, Temple Church .
London Markets

Regional Tours

Experience with german Farmer Groups, visiting Agricultural Shows in Britain i.e. Royal Welsh & Royal Cornwall show. Good personal connection to UK Farmers
Rosamunde Pilcher. Inspector Barnaby

Regional Tours

Long experience conducting special garden tours & visits to Chelsea Flower Show.Good personal connection to private & public gardens.


Explain & discuss Monarchy in general:advantages & disadvantages. Talk about our Royal Family & their role and importance for Britain. House of Hanover 300 yrs. 2014


Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and the Romantic Period in England. Follow in their footsteps through the British Isles. Daphne du Maurier King Arthur Country. Bloomsbury Group


Music and Theatre festivals in UK. Proms concerts - open air with picnic organisation/planning/guiding.

Regional Tours

S East & S West, All of Wales, Lake District & Yorkshire are my favourite areas. Cotswolds Area, Oxford & Stratford much loved as I lived & studied here Like giving clients time to enjoy its beauty (from the coach while explaining but also by stopping & letting them explore at leisure)


explain & discuss importance various important people connected to different faiths and following their footsteps i.e.Thomas Becket,St. Bonifaz, Henry Newman

Britain Today

Discussion our education system, NHS (My son is Cardiologist at Oxford good connection to colleges) Employment, Immigration problems & other topics



British Museum

Additional Qualifications:

BA Lit Phil

Driver Guide: