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Madeleine Salvetti

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I have taught all ages and enjoy explaining the social history behind the personalities explored. Portsmouth has so many characters from rogues to philanthropists, heroes and villains in addition to the military and royal history. You are always walking in the footsteps of history whether it involves the last duel, floggings or witchcraft trials to battle embarkations across the centuries. There is something for everyone. Just ask!

Personal Interests:

Portsmouth and its history
Walks & Talks
Spice Island (Old Portsmouth)

Special Interests:

Castles & Palaces

Henry VII was standing on the battlements of Southsea Castle as he watched his flagship the Mary Rose sink. Portsmouth is surrounded by hundreds of years of fortifications - see also fortification walking tours.

Churches & Cathedrals

Portsmouth has two cathedrals (Church of England & Roman Catholic). The Anglican cathedral was dedicated to St. Thomas a Becket as is a time capsule. There is a wealth of churches including the Domus Dei Garrison Church, kept without a roof since WWII.

Ghosts, Murders & Mysteries

From fifteenth-century Bishop Moleyn's murder to the Austalia-bound convicts, and hangings of John Felton (who murdered the Duke of Buckingham in 1628) and Jack the Painter (the American who tried to burn down the Naval base).

History & Prehistory

Our early kings were Dukes of Normandy, travelling to London via Portsmouth. Over the centuries the harbour has led to the fortification of the coast and defence of the Dockyard Naval base which grew alongside the harbour.

Portsmouth is steeped in military and royal history and makes for fascinating tours. Charles Dickens and Isambard Kingdom Brunel were both born here, Nelson used the port and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote some of his Sherlock Holmes Mysteries while practising here as a GP.

Maritime Britain

HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and the Mary Rose are but a few of the interests in the Naval base. Why not start your exploration with a brief, informed tour for maximum enjoyment?

Lecture Subjects

History of Portsmouth
Famous and Infamous of Portsmouth
Mistresses and their influence on history
Origins of sayings in everyday use
Origins of street names
Victorian forts and defences around the Portsmouth area
The fortifications of Old Portsmouth
Victorian defences of the Southsea Lines


An island city, Portsmouth is on the central south coast and was strategic in its defence, particularly in 1944. In Victorian times Portsmouth was the most fortified place in Europe, with a ring of forts encircling the island and hills to the North, together with the Gosport Lines and Isle of Wight defences. These were developed as part of Lord Palmerston's defence against Napoleon III (Boney).


Charles Dickens' birthplace
Royal Marines Museum
Fort Nelson (Royal Armouries collection of artillery)
Historic Vehicles at the Royal Military Police Museum, Southwich Park


All visited Portsmouth but those who made special impact: Queen Victoria saw 18 fleet reviews, Richard I gave some charters in return for ransom money, Henry VIII saw his flagship sink here and Charles II married here (as he was late greeting his foreign bride).

Walking Tours

Spice Island
Nelson's footsteps
Charles Dickens' Portsmouth
Victorian Defences of Portsmouth
Fortification of Old Portsmouth and the Solent
Fort Nelson
Hilsea Lines

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BA (Hons) History, CertEd

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