Jacky Paterson

Jacky Paterson

Regional Qualification(s):

South East England



Phone Number(s):

07711 225854




Hello , I am Jacky. Born and raised in the South East of England, for which area I hold the Blue Badge , I have also lived in Italy and Greece, and I have led many tours throughout much of Europe.

I offer specialised guided tours for small groups in depth in South-East England, my area of qualification with the Blue Badge. Equally with over 15 years experience leading groups of all sizes and ages in many European countries, I can offer a broader canvas of experience, knowledge and flexibility.

I have worked in other professions , such as publishing , sales, and operational management and mentoring , but I have found my passion and it is this - guiding and leading people in places for which I have love and knowledge and enthusiasm.

Shaping itineraries to meet people's interests and needs and then transforming these into special experiences is at the root of my business ethic. Please do not hesitate to get in touch -


Personal Interests:

Special Interests:

Art/Paintings & Sculpture
Castles & Palaces

Windsor Castle accredited, plus South-East Castles and Palaces (including Hampton Court)

Churches & Cathedrals
Decorative Arts/Arts & Crafts
History & Prehistory
Gay Tours
Regional Tours
Stately Homes & Country Houses
Walking Tours

Additional Qualifications:

BA Hons Social Anthropology / MITG

Driver Guide: