Elizabeth (Liz) Minter

Elizabeth (Liz) Minter

Regional Qualification(s):


English, French

Phone Number(s):

07966 301611




Would you like to know London better? Let me show you the interesting and sometimes hidden parts of this amazing city. I can bring alive some of the major sites of London and Canterbury with inside knowledge and good stories to illustrate your tour.

Which Royal had a picnic in Walmer? Which ghosts haunt Dover Castle? Christ Church Gate, Canterbury Cathedral lost its two towers once. Why? ? Which infamous twins were jailed in opposite towers in the Tower of London? Which King had a base in Folkestone? How many bathrooms were there in the St Pancras hotel when it was first built?

Personal Interests:

The Granny Tours
Tower of London
Cultural Diversity
Pomp and ceremony
The hidden City of London

Special Interests:


An ex secondary school teacher, KS3-KS5, I have an interest in showing students our culture and history and bringing it alive for them. Syllabus areas which can be covered are:
Travel and tourism
Cultural diversity


A "wife of" for many years I had the privilege of being privy to some fine residences, parades and ceremonies.

Walking Tours

I specialise in walking tours both in London and Canterbury and nearby area.

Additional Qualifications:

MITG, MBA, Teaching qualifications

Driver Guide: